My feisty girl!

So, today we headed to the vet for a followup to make sure her UTI cleared – blood draw, urinalysis, and Lily’s rabies shot so we could save ourselves a trip in a month.

Got the urinalysis and the rabies shot, but when it came to the blood draw, she was having none of it and channeled her inner Bobby Hill.

She then proceeded to pee all over the exam table and then barf.

The vet is new to the practice and I was instantly at ease with her, but I think she may use a different restraint method than the other vets and Lily just didn’t like it, and the vet decided since she will be getting a blood draw when she has her teeth cleaned in a few weeks (assuming the urinalysis comes back OK) it was better to not stress her out more today.

We also have a prescription for pre-appointment chill pills to make things easier on her in case today’s distress was not a one off.

What? They were being pokey! That’s not cool!

We are home, she has been plied with treats and I think I am almost forgiven.

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