Why is it Monday AGAIN?

As much as I do love my job, retirement cannot come soon enough. The weekends just aren’t quite enough to recover from the week these days.

I kinda, sorta know what’s on tap today, but who knows what’s changed since my team on the other side of the world logged on last night. That is such a downside of an international workforce – somehow we’re always behind the curve here, despite being in the same timezone as HQ.

I don’t even need to be ahead of the curve, I’d be great with just being vaguely *on* the curve these days.

Aaaaand I just got a Teams notification that they found another bug with one of the bits we’ve been working on. Well, at least I know, and it’s not a common scenario, so hopefully they’re not going to try and turn it around in 24 hours. I hope.

Welp, time to go see what that’s all about and get on with the day.

You have a good enough Monday and take care, cause there is still a pandemic out there.

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