Happy Hump Day!

And no early meetings today, yay! And somehow it’s only Wednesday and I have something like 24 hours on the books already!

I extended a big damn olive branch to our team lead – went to him with my idea for a testing approach for this app that’s been causing us so many problems – I genuinely think it would work, it would help immensely, but it would take the whole team and a couple dedicated days. But I put it out there. Hell, I would have volunteered to organize the effort.

Basically got a pat on the head, “we’ve talked about that, but we’re going to do it with automation” Going to – not past or present tense… But maybe once we’re past all this, we can try my idea. Um, the idea is *how* we get past all this.

I resisted the urge to whack him about the head with said olive branch, and I’m trying hard to ignore the voice in my head going, “I’m going to have to fucking do this myself, aren’t I?”*

But you know what? I tried. Can’t say I’m not a team player and all that.

And in other tech garbage, I have no cable again. Reboot did nothing last night, still nothing this morning and I don’t know when I’m going to have time to sit and call the cable people again. But at least I have the direct number for cable card support, which will save me a few transfers when I can call.

Nextdoor is in “spring photos” mode and someone posted a picture of a cardinal – “this beauty has been outside my window – is it a cardinal?” – and I guess they’re new to the area and were just entranced by this lovely bird and they put out water and berries for it and it was just sweet and nice. Nextdoor neighbors, more of this please.

Welp, time to go do the thing and make the money to buy the cat treats.

* I’m not ignoring that voice terribly well, as I am already turning over in my head the best way to group the processes and try to streamline it. WTF is wrong with me, I already have enough work to last me to September.

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