Happy Friday Eve!

What a week, but we’re on the downhill side of it at least, THANK GOD.

Spent a good chunk of last evening talking the team lead off a ledge – I found an issue yesterday in version A. I worked with the dev. In version A, it’s fixed and we’ll test today, version B, it’s being held for the next release, cause B’s current release is in the process of being sent out. And it’s not a critical issue, it’s OK to hold it on version B for a couple weeks. So, all good.

I thought I had made it clear in all my communications before logging off that EVERYTHING IS OK AND UNDER CONTROL but apparently not.

But this issue is another example of the turnaround time being too tight, decisions were made in what to focus on and not focus on because of time constraints – and it was missed in version B as a direct result.

Well, time to go hopefully *not* find anything else wrong today.

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