Is it spite? It might be!

So, in the last 36 hours, I’ve spent roughly 24 of them working. Legit 20 minutes after I left on Thursday for my long weekend, all hell broke loose – and was in no way resolved by yesterday morning.

Worked until an ungodly hour last night and I could tell our team lead was getting annoyed at my relative slowness and inability to say when it would be done other than “by the deadline you should not have agreed to” – and guess who found something wrong cause she was slow and methodical and looked beyond just “does flipping this switch cause the software to blow up?”

Then today, new set of fixes checked in, special build done, and I’m actually really just looking at the issue at hand and one thing doesn’t make sense – just one thing I could have written off as a fluke – and I look closer, cause I could have jacked up the data setup or who knows what, I’m loopy at this point – and I found another issue.

By this time it was IDK, 4:30 – I wrote it up, sent it to the devs and the rest of my team and logged off – didn’t even wait for thee devs response, cause nothing I’d be able to do today and I wasn’t going to work until god knows when again.

I am sure the team lead thinks I’m finding these out of sheer spite to screw up this incredibly not good schedule – I’m not sure *how* one would go about spite based software testing, but maybe I’ll start a new trend, LOL.

They should be rolling into work here very shortly – and I am just waiting for my Teams notifications to blow up. I felt a little bad cause the thing I found today – it existed yesterday and I just did *not* see it – but no one else found it either.

I’m not exactly holding my breath that the remainder of the week will be calm…

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