Ewh, Monday

And it’s very overcast this morning, which is making it hard to be all bright eyed and bushy tailed. I did sleep alllll the way to 7AM this morning – that was nice, and I think the 6AM experiment may be done. At least for today, cause the Wednesday meetings are Tuesday tomorrow – and I am just realizing that I had a dream that I totally missed that meeting, LOL.

And in some Teams notifications I couldn’t avoid, I found out that Thursday night it was decided to cram a bug fix for the May release into April, and just now I see that it’s not going well. And I don’t know how much of this is going to be my problem but dammit, maybe I should have been up at 6 today after all.

BBC is talking about a 3x a week test mandate in Chaoyang district in China and folks are terrified of a lockdown – I understand China wants Covid zero – but there has to be a happy medium between everything we’re not doing here in the US and doing a full “nobody leaves the house” lockdown. China has a lot of smart people in it, and I am sure they could *not* go full weird authoritarian on this and still keep things in check.

I still think we can accept that Covid zero isn’t going to happen without just writing off vulnerable populations.

Glad to see Macron won in France, but the fact that over 40% of the electorate decided to vote for a fascist is not great. As much as I keep hearing it was a decisive victory – 40% is a lot and let’s look at how things are around here where we had a fuckton of folks who voted for a fascist prick and are still voting them in at the local and state level.

Of course one idiot on Twitter said that folks voting for Macron solely to block LePen was not healthy democracy – fuck, why do you think I voted for Biden? Wasn’t my choice in the primary by a longshot, but I sure as shit wasn’t going to let TFG back in. That’s kinda how democracy works.

And Ukraine. I know we’re sending more stuff for them, but my god, it feels like we’re waiting just long enough for it to not make a difference so we don’t piss off the Russians but we can still say we helped.

Well, time to go see how messed up things are in the office. You have a good day and maybe skip the news today – it’s a mess out there.

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