Happy Sunny Sunday to you!

I have a to-do list that is a good 10 miles long, but I have a very large coffee, so at least step 1 is done!

Starbucks was a scene this morning. Getting napkins, I gently picked up two bags right in front of the dispenser so as not to knock them over, fully prepared for someone to get mad*, but instead got, “I’m so sorry!” What? No! Just trying to not knock them on the floor! You’re fine! Lady with FIVE drinks, two bags, and a TODDLER. “Um, do you need help getting all this to your car?”** “Oh, no, she [toddler] loves to help!” Good thing those bags have handles you can just loop over a kids arm. I did at least get the door, cause she did NOT have enough arms for it.

Of course, that nice interaction was followed by a dumbass in the parking lot. Idiot pulled up in front of the shop, blocked 4 parking spaces in the process, got yelled at by what appeared to be his own daughter for it, and got beeped at by the person next to me trying to leave. I had my windows open and just waited for him to move, and as he finally pulled past me, he had the audacity to say, “Sorry for the spectacle”*** and I just replied, “No problem, but you know you can’t park there.” Not sure how he missed my “You are a fucking idiot” face.

Diagram of the moron blocking people in the parking lot
Like, my dude, you can’t just block 4 parking spaces

BBC was just talking about how China has reported 39 deaths from Omicron 2. Given how China has been a bit iffy with its reporting, I can’t help but wonder if that’s accurate, but also wonder how much worse it would be if they’d gone with US approach of “let ‘er rip” and really wonder what is in store for us.

We have almost 76% of the county fully vaccinated (Omicron got some folks off the bench, thank god) but our cases are creeping back up again and year over year, we’re higher now than we were in 2020 or 2021 at the same time – and the I would say the big difference now is we have zero structural mitigation beyond “get vaccinated.” And in retrospect, I have to wonder if the big drop we saw last summer after mask mandates were dropped and things opened back up was not so much folks getting vaccinated as the initial variant just burning itself out before Delta hit.

If there is any good news, our breakthrough cases are currently under 5% of all cases – which is shaky data given we have no idea how many unreported home test positives are out there, but it’s something. Not enough to get me up to my bar on a Saturday night (and I so, SO wanted to go last night) – but still something.

I know I’m not alone in really wanting that warm weather drop to show up like we had last year – I’m really starting to lose my fucking mind here. I miss that brief point in time where we were all at least *trying* to be safe. Now I just feel like a fucking weirdo. Sure, I’m an excellent introverted hermit, but even I need to chill out with indoor beer and a few people and food that isn’t in a takeout container every now and again.

Well, I have sat here and vented my spleen and dithered enough as a mode of housework procrastination, so I’m going to go try and knock out some cleaning.

You have a great Sunday, and don’t let the idiots get you down.

* We’ve hit the point in the pandemic where I’m just prepared for everyone to be mad. I liked it better when everyone was just very tired.
** Is that weird? It felt vaguely weird, but she had a lot of stuff and a small child, so I had to ask.
*** Not sorry for blocking 4 parking spaces for an extended period of time, sorry for the spectacle of getting called out for it. And yes, it was a mediocre white dude.

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