Oh tech, I thought we were friends

Off to a rip roaring start this morning – woke up to no cable, no internet, and no cell phone signal.  Let me tell you, having zero means of communication beyond going outside and yelling is seriously unsettling.

Was there a solar flare last night?  Is it an Earth Day promotion to force folks out to touch grass?

Had to order manually at Starbucks, cause though I did have a cell signal there, mobile ordering was down.  OH THE HUMANITY.

Back from Starbucks, power cycled everything and at least got 3 4G bars on the phone.  Sloooooowly got the Cox website to load and it’s an area outage with an oddly specific restoration time of 1:38PM. At least it’s not the cable card again.

Good thing I have today off since I wouldn’t have been able to work anyway, LOL. Seems everything went out after 8AM, since my morning BBC news did get recorded.

And I’m kind of an idiot cause I started typing this on my laptop thinking well, I can copy it to Evernote and then pick that up on my phone and pop it into WordPress. All of these steps require internet. That thing I don’t have today. 🤣

Well, I guess I could get some housecleaning done between now and my vaccine appointment… HAHAHAHAHA.

Have a great Friday and I hope all your tech cooperates!

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