Yeah, I am way, WAY too dependent on them for, well, everything, especially procrastination. But also with the way tech was messing with me this morning, when I went to take a shower, I half expected the power to go out to boot.

I am sooooooooo petulant about my Covid booster today. I am still mad at the pharmaceutical companies for not being able to figure out to get a vaccine with sterilizing immunity – as though somehow I could have done better as someone who barely passed high school chemistry.

But I will get it. And I will probably get myself an ice cream cone afterwards and I think I may even veer off my usual chocolate chip path and try “Tax Crunch” – coffee ice cream with a fudge ribbon and Rice Krispies. I mean, if I’m not getting a lollipop for the shot, I might as well get *something* good, right?

Like I said, so unreasonably petulant about this.

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