Woohoo, it’s my Friday!

And I kinda half forgot about it. Back at the start of the year, the team lead wanted everyone’s PTO plans and I put a fair amount of thought into the not-beach days and there was a big gap between days off in March and Memorial Day, so I put down tomorrow to make the half day Friday a whole day Friday.

Granted, this was before I took the day for Lily’s teeth cleaning that didn’t happen, but I’m taking it anyway, cause I planned it out to be as close to having 40 hours left at the end of the year, so I’d have slack for sick days or whatever and it was a good call, cause I do need this long weekend.

And, taking the whole day off prevents the half day from becoming an “aw shit, I’m not leaving early today” situation.

And my big plans for the day is getting my Covid booster, wheeeeee. And I need to remember to ask how long I need to wait to then be able to get my shingles vaccine. Wheeeeee.

I’ll admit, the urgency for getting this Covid booster just hasn’t been there – I mean, other than the 2 months last summer when our cases were genuinely low, I haven’t felt particularly safe and it doesn’t feel like getting vaccinated has made any difference or helped get back to “normal” for myself or for the community at large. I totally understand getting vaccinated is about avoiding severe illness/death, but my god, we needed something that provided serious transmission protection. Especially since we’re ditching every other mechanism of transmission prevention, and long covid appears to be an afterthought if it’s thought of at all.

And that judge in Florida who overturned the mask mandate on airplanes… We’re going to be dealing with the damage done by the last administration for generations given the number of unqualified people put on the bench with lifetime appointments.

Well, time to go do the thing for capitalism, cause, well, not like I can do anything else.

Hang in there.

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