Got my BBC news right on my cable!! No casting from the iPad! Took two trips to the cable shop, 4 (maybe 5?) calls to tech support, but it’s all working!

Mega props to the last lady I talked with – she Would Not Give Up. I think the lady before her would have gotten there, but when she was asking me about the tuning adapter…I couldn’t find it. I forgot WTF it looked like and I was envisioning the very small WiFi adapter that came with my old TiVo and looking for that, not the fucking BIG BLACK BOX RIGHT ON THE SHELF IN FRONT OF ME and I had to be “Uhhhhh, I gotta check on this, I’ll call back, thank you!”

But the last lady – and her name now escapes me, dammit – she was great. When suddenly I’m getting audio, then video – I legit hollered – YOU DID IT! And “Tell me what you did so I can write it down in case I need to know again!” The magic bit here was “refreshing the status” cause the new cable card was stuck in “Not Staged.”

All the women I dealt with were spectacular. The gal at the cable shop yesterday – she activated the card in the shop (first guy didn’t) – and chucked out the first card she was going to give me cause she could tell something wasn’t right with it in their system. Also tried to see if she could make our bill cheaper (she couldn’t but apparently if I upgrade our modem, there are deals – why that matters, I know not, but I know what to investigate) The guys…not as much. First cable card wasn’t activated, but he tried hard to sell me security and home automation. Tech support dudes just defaulted to “well, you’re gonna have to have a tech come to the house” – even when it was escalated.

The women know that no one has time to wait around for a tech to show up – not that their techs are bad, but we all know the special hell of sitting around and waiting for a service person when everything on their schedule before you has gone sideways.

More women in tech, plz.

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2 Responses to Woohoo!

  1. Ashley says:

    I love this!

    Women/femmes tech support people are honestly just so much better at understanding HOW people live and operate, and what is and isn’t reasonable to expect from a customer. Not that others can’t be great, too, but it’s just such a higher batting average. It helps to remember that there’s a person involved and not just a technical issue.

    Cox Cable moved the BBC to a higher price tier, so I have been watching PBS NewsHour for a few years. Different deal, but same idea — calm, reasonable, no “cable news personalities,” etc. Infinitely better for my blood pressure.

    • A Dreamer says:

      PBS News Hour is very good. Our local PBS station also shows BBC World News a couple times a day, too.

      I can’t deal with the other morning shows, they’re just too chirpy for me at that hour.

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