So, only Tuesday, huh?

And farking cold to boot.

And the administration is “disappointed” at the idiot judge who dropped mask mandates on public transport. Could you, IDK, do something? Also – to every airline that decided it was a great idea to announce this MID-FLIGHT – FUCK YOU.

I cannot even imagine the hell of being on a plane when that happened.

We are literally heading into another surge, and Delta airlines is saying it’s a “seasonal illness” and we’ve had to endure 767 days of half the country being complete fucking assholes. Delta’s seasonal illness has killed 160 people in my state in just the last week.

I’m not sure we can truly calculate the damage that TFG did – to not just quietly ignore, but gleefully endorse hateful ignorance – I don’t know how we ever really come back from this.

But hey, we’ve created some killer shareholder value.

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