Goooood morning!

How is that for fake Monday morning chipperness? Easter was good, but I did not sleep particularly well last night – weird ass dreams.

The weather is shiiiiiiiit today, so I doubt I’m getting over to the cable store at lunch. But I did figure out that I can use the cable app on my iPad to stream BBC and send it to the TV, so at least I’ve got the morning news, YAY! TiVo is still out of commission until the card is replaced so I can’t record anything, but I can stream pretty much anything I want one way or another.

Though, had I realized I could just stream BBC via the cable company app, I probably wouldn’t have bothered with turning in the old dying cable card in the first place. Ah well.

Got taxes filed yesterday, fuck yoooooooooooooou government. Tax a few billionaires, please.

I’m still on my 6AM alarm bullshit because apparently I hate myself. The extra hour to get a jump on things and absorb any “what do you mean it needs to be done yesterday” nonsense with these extra builds is helpful. But my body does not like it one bit. I thought I’d adjust to it – I’ve been doing it for a few weeks now and I thought I’d adjust to it, but I haven’t.

And that is why I bought PowerBall tickets today, LOL. I like my job and company enough that I’d give them a couple months notice.

Well time to go do the thing, just in case the lottery doesn’t work out…

You have a great day.

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