Hoppy Easter!

And I hope you had a nice Passover! And your Ramadan fasts are going well! And Happy Vaishakha! Been a big weekend for the godly folks out there and I hope it’s been lovely for you.

Around here, it’s brunch and candy day! Yes, I still put together Easter baskets, CAUSE IT’S FUN. AND CANDY.

Two Easter baskets filled with candy
It didn’t seem like that much candy at checkout

My technical woes continue. Called the cable company to have them try to pair the cable card one more time before I go exchange it, cause no harm in giving it one more try – no love. They did offer to send a tech with a new card today, but I’ve just got too many little things going on and it’s no big deal to run to the shop at lunch tomorrow.

And my TV has no sound this morning… So I’ve got a full power cycle going and we’ll see if that does it.

HAHAHA, I am an idiot, my TV did have sound the whole time, the live stream I put on from Monterey Bay Aquarium just doesn’t have any music on the weekends, so I now am running their “12 hours of coral reef footage” that has background music.

And despite forgetting to take the hashbrowns out of the freezer last night, an hour or so in the fridge seems to have done the trick, whew. While they can still be frozen for the casserole, it’s way easier to mix when they’re defrosted.

So, the hashbrown casserole is in the oven, I’ve got a very large coffee and pretty fish on the TV and once the coffee is done, it’s gonna be mimosa time, WOOHOO!

And whatever your Sunday plans are, I hope you have a lovely day. Here’s a Lily!

Lily, a black and orange tortie cat, looking slightly annoyed at the paparazzi
Why are you taking my picture?

And of course, how could I forget her Easter Lily shot?

Headshot of Lily, a black & orange tortie cat with a collar that makes her look like a Lily flower
But, why?
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