Oh for heavens sake

Got a replacement cable card to put in the TiVo today, called and activated it, call dropped after I power cycled everything – my dumb ass had my phone on WiFi calling and the reboot took down the modem – waited an hour or so to see if things refreshed after the power cycle, but nope.

Call back – the card was activated but not paired. And they can’t pair it. Fails every time. Call escalated – same result.

“We can send out a technician…” No, I am not taking time off work for that, I will just get another cable card and try again. (Waiting for a tech to bring me a new card is not going to be faster than my running over to the shop and getting a replacement.)

“Well, I have seen these things resolve themselves with time” Not if the card won’t pair in the first place.

So, all streaming services for me until at least Monday…

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