Happy Shiny Saturday

Got the car into the SUPER POWER X-TREME car wash and the car is actually blue again! Granted, it will be covered in pollen again in under 24 hours, but for the moment, it’s very clean and shiny!

And the LilyMonster has gone almost 31 hours without booting any food, so that’s awesome – and she’s had a small snack around every 2 hours – appetite is still good, YAY.

Headshot of Lily, a black & orange tortie cat, wondering why I have not given her cheese yet
Gimme your cheese

I had to run up to the cable store today to exchange some equipment, and the shopping center its in has a ton of good restaurants and today would have been such a great day to just take an hour and have a nice sit down lunch – but alas, we are back in high community transmission. With of course, the CDC saying the Community Level is Low – which is wrong, it should be Medium, and guess what – they only update once a week on Thursdays, so we’ll have a week of extra bad guidance. Awesome.

In silly stuff, I am so glad someone mention that T-Mobile had the free MLB.tv deal. I can watch ALL the Padres games with no blackout issues cause I’m way out their market. And if a game is being broadcast here, I no longer feel that pressure to watch cause we don’t get a lot of them. And I do love being able to just put on pretty much any game from any team and just have the soothing tones of baseball announcers in the background as I do things around the house or do yoga.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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