Back from the vet!

And things are OK. Abdominal exam showed no abnormalities and they suspect the upset stomach is part of the whole UTI/fighting it off.

She was a bit dehydrated (tracks) and they asked if I wanted to get her some subq fluids, even though she’s drinking and I said yes, cause it won’t hurt anything and while she’s a good water drinker, might as well get her watered up. And an anti-emetic just in case the successful second breakfast was a fluke.

We’ve been home about a half hour, she’s had a snack, and kept it down!

So, fingers crossed that we’ve got a good and settled tummy – but she’ll also be getting small quantities to eat to fend off any “eat too much too fast” cause she likes to do that, too.

And she was very, very good for them, and they apparently got a cute picture and it’s gonna go on their Facebook page.

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