Hey, it’s Friday!

And you’re still here, well done!

My local Starbucks lost it’s union election. :( Guess it was a combination of A) Starbucks shitty anti-union comms that probably involved threats, and/or B) folks didn’t see the value in being in a union.

If A, shame on Starbucks, and if B – maybe if the union isn’t for you, why deny that to your coworkers? I just hope corporate doesn’t decide to retaliate. Deciding to have a union election is a brave thing to do, and they shouldn’t be punished for it. I wanted them to win so badly – I just want everyone to have better workplace protections and with Youngkin in office here, they’re not going to get it on a state level.

At my own workplace, the team in Makati is on Easter holidays, but one emailed me & my US partner in crime to make sure we knew one particular bug was assigned to us (we knew) and ready to test. This bug isn’t due until May… Does it have to get into the next special build and need to be tested sooner? There is no corresponding bug for it with the special build, no one has mentioned it going into the special build, no note of it anywhere, so…IDK. We have plenty that is due much sooner, but I have a feeling come Monday it’s going to be, “Oh, this needs to be done right now.”

And miss Lily is gonna have to go back to the vet. She threw up a couple times last night, and I took up her food cause I thought maybe it was a one off where she just got into a little cycle of “throw up, have unsettled stomach, eat again too soon, throw up again” and I thought if she had some time to let her tummy settle back down she’d be OK, but she just had some breakfast and threw up again. So, I’ll be calling the vet when they open and see if we can get her in for a quick look-see and maybe some anti-nausea meds.

Could be the UTI she’s fighting off, could be a delayed reaction to the antibiotic injection, hopefully it’s not something really bad. Other than the puking, she’s acting fine – appetite is fine, water drinking is fine (she’s splashing around in her fountain as I type,) and she’s chirpy & bright eyed. I just want my sweet, goofy girl to be OK. She’s almost 13, which isn’t a kitten anymore, but it’s not that old either.

Lily, a black & orange tortie cat, standing on the counter, caught mid-meow.
Why the food no stay inside?

If you’re inclined to think some good health thoughts for my little sweetie, it would be appreciated.

ETA: Vet appointment scheduled for later today. She was banging her food dish around as I was on the phone, so when I got off, I gave her a very small amount. It’s been 45 minutes and of course, no barfing.

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