Happy Tuesday!

4 day workweek this week, YAY! And who avoided any and all temptation to log on to the work laptop? THIS GAL! Who has managed to not think about work so well this weekend that she has zero idea what she has to do once she does get logged on today? ALSO THIS GAL!

So, while I’m hoping for smooth sailing today – I’m mentally preparing for a shitshow.

Lily appears to have fully forgiven me for the vet yesterday. Lots of snuggling last night, and she full on stole my blanket at one point. (Deserved, I will give her that.)

I finally got around to scheduling my next Covid booster. It’s unsettling the lack of urgency I’ve felt around that, but it’s on the calendar now. I guess it’s just the feeling that nothing I’ve done has mattered as we’re heading into yet another surge. Over two years of staying home, getting takeout, masking up, getting vaccinated – and we’re still here. (I will be forever salty that these vaccines don’t provide sterilizing immunity. So. Salty.)

Well, we are creeping up on 8AM and I am still sitting down here in the living room, so it looks like I am mentally on a “I am not going to stress myself” track today – let’s hope it holds.

You have a great day.

ETA: Logged on, went through all my email and to-do list, and today just might NOT be a shitshow, YAY!! 😊

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