Well, got the whole day to do whatever it seems

Lily was supposed to get her teeth cleaned today and I took the day off so I could pick her up as soon as she was ready and just spend the afternoon with her.

Welp, she’s been hiding a UTI and that needs to be cleared up first. Like really hiding it well – general demeanor, eating, drinking, litterbox habits all good. Tech even said when I picked her up that they’re really good at keeping these secrets. So she got a shot of antibiotics, and we’ll have a follow up in a couple weeks and if everything is cleared, schedule the teeth cleaning again.

Now I suddenly have a whole day off and no mad cat to console. (She’s not thrilled about today’s developments but she’s good.)

What to do, what to do?!

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2 Responses to Well, got the whole day to do whatever it seems

  1. Ashley says:

    Poor Lily! But it’s great that it wasn’t symptomatic.

    • A Dreamer says:

      Yeah, thinking we caught it early. So happy they could do a shot vs my trying to pill her for 2 weeks. (It’s doable but not pretty.) Just really hope she didn’t feel it vs. “Must not show weakness!”

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