Happy Hump Day!

Guess who got off work ON TIME yesterday? Me! I KNOW, IT’S PRETTY RIDICULOUS!

AND!! Last night I realized a big-ish thing I’m working on this week – I CAN ALSO USE THIS TESTING FOR ANOTHER THING NEXT WEEK. Not just reuse the test data, but the actual tests themselves, I can point to these results! YAY!!!!! That little epiphany is going to make life a lot easier in the next week.

Now, am I going to tell Those That Assign The Bugs and Whatnot? No – because even with this time savings, I still have a ton to do, and cannot take on more right now. I’ll let them know I can reuse some of it, and things are on track, but I am not gonna announce, “Oh, I’ve suddenly found an extra 20 some odd hours” cause it’s more “Oh, 20 uncompensated overtime hours I don’t have to work.” I think that’s reasonable.

We’re getting up to the mid-80s today – oh yes, there is gonna be a walk at lunch today, woohoo!

And last night it was warm enough to again sleep on top of the comforter with just a blanket. And Lily stole it again. Woke up a couple times with bare legs cause she had managed to pull it under her, LOL.

Lily, a black and orange tortie cat, laying on a blanket looking unrepentant.
Dis my blankie.

Well, it is time to go do the thing, and I am actually jazzed about the day, if for no other reason knowing that I have all my shit under control, a long task in the near future is now a short task, and I should get out on time today and be able to go do the Easter shop while it’s still light outside!

Honestly, been a bit since I felt this way at the start of the workday – it’s overdue and welcome.

You have a great day and I hope you can have that moment where you realize, “Oh, doing X will also cover Y!”

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