Pandemics are stupid

And I never want to do this again, thankyouverymuch. On the whole, I think I have handled all this reasonably well considering everything. Yes, I’ve been super angry with it all, but I’ve not been out throwing temper tantrums or telling maskless folks to go fuck themselves. I vent my spleen here and that pretty much handles it.

Taking the various and sundry steps to protect myself and my community hasn’t been a hardship – all of it has been pretty easy. Vaguely annoyed with it all, but on the whole, whatever, it’s fine.

But today, out running errands, it just all got to me and got me really down.

Our cases are trending higher again and we’ll be back to high transmission within a week at this rate, while the CDC is saying all is well.

Maskless folks all over the place, trying to order takeout the poor gal couldn’t hear me well with the mask & ambient noise in the restaurant and I’m apologizing cause I fear I’m yelling to be heard (she was very sweet and understanding and assured me it was OK), and I had kind of a stuffy nose to boot, and it was hard to breathe doing errands and my face was all sweaty and everything just kinda sucked.

And I look around at these folks for whom the pandemic seems to be over and I wonder – do they not know the new CDC guidelines are garbage or do they just not care?

I kinda envy whatever it is they have going on in their heads.

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