It’s mostly going to be the excitement of running errands and getting caught up on everything around the house, and Monday the LilyMonster is getting her teeth cleaned so that’s why I’m taking the day off. I want to be able to drop everything and get her when she’s done and we can spend the afternoon on the bed recovering.

And speaking of The Monster – she has been using her fountain! And sending water EVERYWHERE. I topped it off yesterday and was thinking, “Damn, I’m not sure she should be drinking THIS MUCH” and then realized there was water alllllllll over the counter and the towel I’d put under the fountain was totally soaked. The fountain isn’t leaking, but rather it appears that when she’s drinking, the flow is going down her chin/chest and then all over the place. So for the moment, I’ve now got the fountain on a tray & towel and I’ll be at the HMart today trying to see if I can’t find a nifty solution in the housewares aisle, or at least another tray for her food since the one she has has been repurposed to the fountain.

The last minute bug got done just in time, and as such, no lessons were learned by management about overcommitting the team. We got a nice shout out from the lead, but my dude, ya gotta learn to say no. I did have an epiphany yesterday about how this particular app should be tested – bit too late for this version, but I will be incorporating it into the next round of testing and I think it will make it easier to find the little things that have been getting missed. It really should be done against every version that has had these performance changes, but that’s time I don’t know how to find right now. (There is that voice in the back of my head going, “Well, you could just bring the laptop downstairs and do it while watching TV this weekend” – I am telling that voice to shut the hell up.)

And in fun news, T-Mobile/Sprint has a free deal – you have until 4/11 to sign up – I did and now I can see ALL THE PADRES GAMES! And I figured out how to send a tab on my laptop to the TV, YAY! In years past I had resisted the subscription cause I was all “well, I’ll never leave the house again if I can watch all the games at home” – I probably should have ponied up the $$ for it in 2020 & 2021 now that I think about it.

Time to go run ALL THE ERRANDS!

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