It. Is. FRIDAY!!!!!

We did it. And I did not cuss out a single soul this week.

That new freaking bug? Rolled my happy ass in at 830 yesterday, and discover a dev in the PI had checked the fix in overnight and it had been ready for testing since 7AM.


Ah well, sat down, set everything up to test – and it failed. There were a half dozen related fields that should populate when you mash the buttons and they weren’t populating. The bug called out a couple of those specific fields, but no one looked to see if they were all populating, so, half fixed. Plus an A=B-C=D situation where it simply did not add up right. (This was extra weird cause it has always been adding up wrong in that particular scenario. Like, forever. Guess our clients never use that scenario, but it should still add up right.)

Send to back to dev. By now it’s late day. It gets into the build. I go back upstairs after dinner. A+B-C does now equal D! The remaining fields that weren’t populating…were still not populating. Quick sanity check in older version and yes, they should be populating. My dev is still online – I show her the other test, she’s on it. (I don’t know if she thought they weren’t supposed to populate or just spaced on it since it’s been a hell week.)

So, we’ll see what this morning brings. When asked, I said I thought it would take 12 hours per database to test. It’s looking like I wasn’t that far off the mark. And it occurs to me now – when whoever is estimating these things is doing that, I don’t think they’re taking “aw shit, it’s still fucked” time into account where you have to stop testing, figure out what it’s doing wrong before sending it back to dev, and then start fresh when it’s fixed. And that “aw shit” time does add up.

But, once this bug is done and out of the way, and hopefully that will be today – next week should be more normal. I sure hope so, cause the hours I’ve been working lately are completely unsustainable. My brain and body are very much in “fuuuuuuuck this!” mode, LOL.

Well, time to go log in AND TEST THIS BUG AND PASS IT!!!

You have an excellent Friday!

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