I slept in, cause, fuck ’em.

So the good news is the release from hell is done. Dev asked yesterday, “Can I check in a new bug fix to the current (aka, hell) release?” I took initiative and answered in lieu of the QC team lead who is on the other side of the planet, NO, NO YOU CANNOT. (Seriously, the release is already locked down, I wasn’t really stepping on any toes, and really had to prevent it getting checked into the wrong version.)

Get email later from lead on this new bug – what’s your time estimate to test? I give a very large number, cause this is a high risk fix given all the whack-a-mole we’ve been playing with this particular app, and while I adore my team, they have a horrific track record of underestimating how much time testing takes, especially lately.* Realize later in the day I am gonna get dragged into this.

Worked late last night on a different release cause my particular bugs had to be done early for the performance team – which has a ridiculous amount of time to get their speed testing done and after the release from hell we should have told them we’re taking an extra day or two, but whatever. They’re done and out of the way, so it’s all good.

While working, get email. “Dev can check the new bug fix into ‘release from hell + 1’ and we can do a special build and the testing can be split between Cindy & the PI, and then we can jam it into the special client release that has to also be tested by Tuesday!” THE FUCK? Checking the fix into the next release is great, everything after is fucked beyond belief.

I tell team lead, I CANNOT commit to testing this – we have a half day Friday and I have an appointment and can’t work late (like for real, this isn’t even a “fuck you for trying to make me work late” fake appointment**) and I am out on PTO on Monday. Leave me the fuck out of this one.

“Oh, just ask for a special build once the fix is checked in and you can work on it Thursday and we [PI] can pick it up on Friday.” Here’s the thing, they can no more just “pick up where I left off” than I can fly to the fucking moon. That was the point where I logged off lest I respond with, “Please go yeet yourself into the sun” and/or gently throw my laptop out the window.

We do these special client build/releases WEEKLY. The client is not in production, they are testing before going live. We can tell the client “Hey, we know about bug X, the fix will be in the next special build NEXT FUCKING WEEK, so no need to lose your shit.” (OK, maybe we tell them without the sweary bits.)

But no, we’re gonna try and do a full proper test by COB tomorrow in release from hell + 1, then test in special build by Tuesday. Assuming that it doesn’t have to be sent back to development because fixing X broke Y.

Good thing I don’t have enough other work already to last me until August. OH WAIT, I ABSOLUTELY DO.

After logging off, I hollered to my brother, “HEY WANNA DRINK SOME BEER AND WATCH THE LUCKIEST DIPSHITS IN SPACE?”***

So, there was some mid-week beers and shots and general bitching about my QC leads’ inability to say, “No, we can’t do this in X timeframe, but we can do it in Y timeframe.” And as such, my ass slept the fuck in this morning, cause I am not doing them any favors today.

Am I gonna rush the dev to get the fix checked in today? Fuck no. Will I not hesitate to send things back to dev for the tiniest issue? Fuck yes. Am I being incredibly petty about all of this? Fuck yes. Is it reasonable to be incredibly petty about all this? Fuck yes.

My brother said he had a dream this week that I quit my job. I am shockingly nowhere near that point. This stupidity is temporary and I genuinely like what I do and the long hours right now suck, but no one is yelling at me or telling me directly or indirectly that I’m an idiot, so this too will pass.

But they’re not getting above and beyond today, cause they don’t fucking deserve it. (She says knowing she’ll quite likely end up working late again tonight cause she’s a dumbass.)

You have an awesome day and for the love of all that’s good and holy, DON’T BE AFRAID TO SAY NO. OR EVEN JUST NOT TODAY, BUT LATER IS DOABLE.

* I have learned to utterly ignore the time estimates on any given bug. It takes the time it takes and I do not even think twice about it anymore. (Actually even in my early QC days, I kinda went, “Oh well, it took longer than the estimate, but it got done by the deadline, fire me.”)
** My brother actually asked, “Wait, do you actually have something Friday, or are you just telling them you won’t work late without saying you won’t work late?”
*** The Expanse. He’s gotten me well and duly hooked on it. We did end up watching the new Moon Knight first.

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