A bleary eyed good morning to you

It’s early meeting day and of course, it took me until the wee hours of the morning to fall asleep last night. Nothing went spectacularly wrong yesterday, but it was a very, very long day.

I did get in some yoga at lunch and right after work yesterday – decided after ~1 1/2 years of the beginner sessions, I’d try intermediate! OMG, they were only 15 minute sessions, but they kicked my ass. And I had my acupuncture appointment last night – 6:20 my phone beeps at me, and I look at it and think, “No, that’s wrong, my acupuncture appointment isn’t until the first week of Apr—-OH SHIT!” Was only 3 minutes late!

You’d think that would have had me sleeping well, but NOPE! Any other day, I would have just set my alarm later, but…meetings.

But, in some good news, the one monthly release we’ve been working on that has been an utter nightmare is DONE. It was an absolute case of whack-a-mole with a couple of apps we’ve been working on. Fixing X breaks Y, fixing Y breaks Z… And one thing I’m still not convinced isn’t broken but the dev said it was OK, so, I’m letting it go. These extra releases are just beating the hell out of us, cause though we’re finding things that are wrong, because of the extra work, we’re finding them later in the process and just scrambling.

But, we get paid tomorrow, we have a half day on Friday, and I have Monday off. Lily is getting her teeth cleaned and I want to be ready to dash to the vet and get her when she’s done, and then spend the afternoon commiserating with her. If that doesn’t call for a day of PTO, I’m not sure what does.

Now, does this day of PTO mean I’m gonna be working this weekend? If history is any indicator, yes, but I’m gonna try REALLY HARD to not have that happen. Not helping that the team lead sent out the upcoming PTO list and forgot mine. Again.

Welp, time to go not participate in some meetings! You have a great day.

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