Woooo, 6AM alarm again!

And I only hit the snooze button once – not too shabby.

Got in yesterday, started on my Monday stuff I’d planned, and get “Hey, I tested this in DB A, can you test it in DB B?”

Sigh. Yes. Not a huge deal, should be a reasonably quick test.

Discover that fixing X broke Y on the second test run. Other tester didn’t see it cause they were focused on X. Send back to dev. Fix is checked in, will be ready after evening build. Go back upstairs after dinner. Discover that fixing Y broke Z, again on the second test run, and the dev was quite reasonably gone for the day. Mind you, testing was supposed to be done Friday – I told my folks in Makati I didn’t even know what the hell to do since we’re so far behind – it’s getting kicked up to the QC lead to decide what’s next, and I logged my ass off for the night.

This is what happens when folks are just trying to do way too much.

In silly Lily news – she’s been drinking from the bathroom sink for a while now, which is fine. Thought well, maybe we could try a fountain again – she & her sister didn’t really get into it the last time we tried, but that was then and this is now. Got a super nice ceramic one that looked really nice – but it had no flow control so it was too splashy for our gal. Got the somewhat unattractive plastic version (at least they make a smaller one now) that does have water flow control and while I have not *seen* her use it, she has come out of the kitchen with a wet chin & chest on more than a few occasions and she’s not dashing for the bathroom sink every time I go in there.

You’ll never SEE me use it!!

So, at lease ONE win for the week. Time to go see what’s what in my testing world.

You have a great day.

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