Well, dammit.

My brother is hanging out w/a friend tonight and he mentioned they’re getting Chinese takeout.

Thought to myself, well, hell, I may just go pickup a curry and naan after work if we’re in a “it’s not a dick move to get something my brother has no interest in” situation.*

Then work got stupid and by the time I finished, it was too late for takeout.

I’m having tuna salad on triscuits and it’s perfectly fine and has protein and whatnot and it does the job. But it’s not curry and rice and naan.

Yeah, curry is going to have to happen here soon.

* I mean, I could tell him any given day, “I’m very much in the mood for Indian (or whatever) and if you can’t find something you want to try, you’re on your own” and he wouldn’t care, but I would still feel bad.

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