Oh, OK

We’re gonna have one of those weeks… My coffee is weak, two days Fitbit says “great sleep!” and I want to go back to bed, and we are having some communication problems in the office.

When we fix apps for speed, they go to the performance testers, and we have to test them early (realistically, we do not, but whatever) – and last THURSDAY they discovered the apps weren’t actually faster. They notified a few people, but those of us who would have to retest these things after they were fussed with again WERE NOT TOLD and we found out YESTERDAY that oops, more changes are being checked in.

So, YAY, more testing of the same things that I already tested! It’s not the end of the world, the test data doesn’t have to be setup again, my templates can be used again, but FFS, cause things I thought were done, are not.

Our monthly releases are usually fairly smooth, but goodness, it’s been such a clusterfuck this past month.

And we’ve renamed our department. What was Engineering is now Engineering and Technology. Despite multiple earnest explanations from our department VP, I still don’t get it, but OK.

Ah well, it will all get done. Again.

You have a great day!

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