How is it only Wednesday?

These special releases are just killing us. I understand why we’re doing them, and they’re not permanent, but my god, they are a mess. We’re doing 2 other monthly releases and working on a new version and that was all working fine (not perfectly, but nothing is) and my god, this extra release has just thrown such a wrench into the works.

We test in the regular version, if it passes, it’s added to the special version and tested there, and if all is well, that’s fine. But if something is wrong… then multiple tests in the regular version and then a wait to get it to the special version and suddenly it’s OMG, TEST THE SPECIAL VERSION IT’S GOING OUT TONIGHT/TOMORROW/YESTERDAY.

If you couldn’t tell, yesterday was OMG, IT GOES OUT TONIGHT. My US based partner in crime & I got caught up in that, but we got it done and got some nice words from the three levels of management above us, which is nice, but you know what is also nice? Raises that actually keep up with inflation.

Someone doesn’t want to be up this early, and I don’t blame her.

Lily, a black and orange tortie cat, laying on a towel
Why so early? Why?

You have a great day, and may no one toss a wrench into your meticulous to-do list.

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