Well, this is bullshit

It’s snowing on March 12 and I have to work today, and I’m genuinely not sure which offends me more.

On the work front, I am bouncing between “yeah, it sucks, but there was a cascade of dumb things this week and it happens at times” and “GODDAMMIT SO MUCH WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN WHEN I HAVE PTO?”

Yesterday’s half day became work-dentist-work-break for 6PM build-work. The thing that needed to be done by yesterday but wasn’t ready to test until last night – a couple quick post-build tests show it’s working, which is good. But it also means I finish it off today, or I work on Monday – and I don’t want to work on Monday. (Had it still been broken, it wouldn’t be ready to retest until Tuesday, but dammit, my developer fixed it on the first go.)

But it will get done, I’ll drop a note in Teams letting everyone know it’s done and to not be looking for me on Monday. (And let them go, “oh shit, that’s right, she had Monday off, it was on the schedule and everything.”)

It’s a good thing that I genuinely like the work I do. But I do think I’m going to bring my work laptop downstairs and work in front of the TV in a nod to the fact that it’s the weekend.

The snow…yeah, I know, it’s March, this also is one of those things that happens, but jeez. It’s very pretty, but the wind is really crazy and I don’t like that.

As I bounce all over the place mentally this morning – I saw Free Guy last night. What a cute and fun movie! Bit of a combination of the Lego movie, Tron, and Groundhog Day. It’s just fun and silly and Taika Waititi is hilarious as the villain. And I definitely think there are bits that anyone in the games industry will see and go, “Oh, yeah, my boss had us do that dumb thing, too!” It’s a fun two hour escape, and lord knows we could all use that.

OK, time to go bring the laptop downstairs and knock out some testing so I can enjoy the rest of my long weekend.

You have a fantastic weekend!

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