I’d like to lodge a complaint

My car doors were frozen shut this morning. I know, I know, the weather in March can be all over the place, but I DON’T CARE FOR IT.

And I’m missing an hour and I don’t care much for that either. But I will give it up if we don’t change the damn clocks again this fall. Maybe this will be the year we stay on EDT. (I’m not holding my breath, but maybe?)

And thanks to having to work yesterday, I am fuck all behind on getting shit done around the house. My to-do list is a mile long and my motivation is nil. I am half tempted to just check everything in Tody as done and start with a clean slate. I mean, sure, I could get up just get things done, or I could sit here and…not.

At least I have tomorrow off. Granted, offset by working yesterday, but it was still worth it to knock out 4 hours of testing yesterday to not have to show up tomorrow. Granted, my head is 100% messed up by all this and I keep thinking it’s Saturday, not Sunday…

OK, time to go try and get a few things done today.

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