*breathe in*…*breathe out*

Another last minute request this morning “um, this thing that we said wasn’t due until next week and the dev only checked in yesterday, um, can you have it done by COB tomorrow?” FFS. Said I’d do what I could, but no guarantees. I managed to at least get it started this evening – and I shit you not, the first damn test run fails. It definitely ain’t gonna be done by tomorrow now.

And I’ve got another thing that also needs to be done tomorrow – and the fix won’t be ready until after tonight’s build – and if tomorrow was any other half-day Friday it would be fine, I’d just not worry about early quitting time and finish it – but I have a dentist appointment tomorrow afternoon. (Just a cleaning, but it’s half the afternoon out the window.)

So guess who is going back upstairs after the build is done to try to get as much out of the way tonight as possible? Yup.

And the jigsaw puzzle I ordered to have something to do where I couldn’t be doomscrolling? It arrived today, AND I HAVE TO FUCKING WORK LATE.

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