Deep. Cleansing. Breaths.

The weekend was not at all restful, and I didn’t sleep particularly well last night and the ol’ anxiety has decided to kick in this morning to boot.  Spending a good 5 minutes trying to figure out what THAT NOISE was and finally figuring out that it wasn’t from something in the house and was in fact a woodpecker nearby didn’t help.

And we’re off to a rip roaring start today at work.  Someone on the other side of the world sent a meeting invite at 1AM for a 7:30AM meeting today – I think you can guess who missed that.  It was just a developer demo and it’s been recorded, and I doubt they realistically expected me to be there, but yeesh.  (The hazards of a holiday here but not there.)  And it’s for a feature I didn’t even know we were doing, YAY.

So I’m starting the week feeling like I missed a month and not just a day.  Just told my other US based partner in crime that all our holidays need to be worldwide.

But, it’s a short week.  And we get paid, which is good cause I’m feeling super broke right now.  (I know I am not broke, but I am *feeling* broke, IYKWIM.) It will be good to add to the “if shit goes wrong” cushion in the bank account.  While I have no rational reason to think I’m going to be laid off from this job, it’s one of those perpetual concerns that just never really goes away.  This despite getting a really nice public shout out from one of our team leads, with a “what she said” followup from my supervisor.  Still always looking at the budget going, “If I get shitcanned, how long before I have to sell my house…”

But, onwards and upwards and all that happy horseshit.

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