What. A. Day.

So, started with missing the developer demo.

Then the engineering all hands meeting, where the VP tried and failed to explain again why we’re changing the department name. (Something to do with the fact that there are non-engineers in the engineering department. I still do not see the need.)

Then finally on to testing, which turned into beating my head into the wall. Tested the exact same thing last week, different version, no issues. Today? This version? Put data in screen A, it should show up in Screen B and Screen C. Except it won’t show up in Screen C and I cannot figure out WHY. Is it legit broken? Did I fuck up one of the dozen fucking settings between Screen A & C? Am I just losing my goddamn mind? Who knows. I’ve sent it to the folks in Makati to see if they can get it to work tonight.

I mean, of course immediately after getting a nice public compliment, I immediately acquire Teh Dumb for the day.

I am going to spend the rest of the evening trying very hard not to think lest I sprain something.

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