The Target website is filled with lies

They did not have my beloved baskets. Nor the drill kit… They did have the drill & accessories separately, and the accessories have a nice carry case, but the drill doesn’t, so I now also have a little tool bag for it.

They also had a little “home project kit” – hammer, ratchet screwdriver, allen wrenches and other miscellaneous stuff that is handy *and* has a case so things shouldn’t go wandering. (Wandering tools is a real problem for me.) And when I opened it, I discovered the screwdriver is a battery powered electric screwdriver!

What they did not have was screws. I figured they wouldn’t have a wall full of drawers of screws, but at least like a box of assorted screws, but no.

So, Target became Target/Walmart/Gas Station/Car Wash and frankly, now I need a nap.

I realize I probably should have just gone to Walmart in the first place, but it’s so chaotic I try to avoid it at all costs.

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