Happy Presidents’ Day!

This is my 3rd busy season *not* in support and the novelty has not worn off. We got floating holidays in lieu of MLK Jr & Presidents’ Day, but there is a lot to be said for taking a day off when everyone has a day off – it’s nice to not come back to a bunch of missed work. (Also not missing the “no PTO in January/February” crap – that department SO needs a union.)

And – grocery shopping on a weekday at 10AM! Where I discovered that Sinex saline spray is age restricted! My level of confusion as the clerk came over to punch in my age – I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what super adult thing I bought. This crazy dry winter has just done a number on my nose, not helped by the fact that last night when I went to bed, I didn’t put the humidifier on full blast. It’s bad enough that my nose seems to be perpetually stopped up, then we have the bonus of “is it winter or is it Covid?” (So far, it is winter.)

The porch post construction continues as yesterday I discovered that the wood glue hadn’t set because it was so fucking cold. So, brought the pieces in, glued and clamped 3 sides and decided it would also need screws to boot. Guess who doesn’t own a cordless drill?* So, my next trip out is to Target – I’m very glad it occurred to me to check their website cause my first thought was that I’d have to go back to the hardware store, which is twice as far away. But, I know exactly what I’m getting and it has a carry case and can be used as an electric screwdriver to boot!

Yeah, I’m definitely getting old when I get excited about a cordless drill. AND THEY APPEAR TO HAVE MY FAVORITE LINED BASKETS BACK IN STOCK. If they’re really there, I’m clearing them out, LOL.

Jesus, I’m gonna have to get a big cart.

If you have today off, enjoy! If you’re working, I hope it’s a very quiet day for you.

* There is likely an ancient corded drill in the basement – but where it would be and the location of any drill bits is 110% unknown. How do I not own my own drill? I do not know.

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