It’s a good thing I have Monday off

Cause this weekend has already been chaotic as hell.

Went to the hardware store, looked at the boards and realized that oh yeah, an inch isn’t an inch when it comes to lumber. I literally sat my ass on the floor with my measuring tape, the boards, and my graph paper and pencil madly re-doing the math. But, I got it right.

Then about halfway through the construction, my brother says, “Did I tell you DND is at 3 today, not this evening?” No, no he did not. When I tell you the massive mental reset I had to do…holy shit my old, cranky, likely ADHD brain did not enjoy that.

But the post will get finished today, and it’s probably for the best that I didn’t take out the temp stabilizing piece before the gale warnings had passed.

But DND was very fun – we’ve only done it twice and yesterday was not just fun, but hilarious. We utterly failed our initial stealth check, and Matt just starts making marching band noises… We then had a streak where we couldn’t hit the bad guys for anything – at one point Will said, “So, we’re just basically doing interpretive dance with weapons right now.” That broke me – I was laughing so hard I was crying. And I asked the best question of the day when we got into town – “Let’s ask the *kids* if they’ve seen anything weird.” (They had!) We’re tipping the hell out of every barmaid we encounter and my brother is DM’ing and said “At some point, we’re gonna have to talk about y’all being drunk on the job.”

Was it the smartest thing we could have done? IDK – we’re well past our Omicron peak here, we’re vaxxed and boosted and test regularly and it was just 4 of us – but my lord, it was a good 3 hours, and it’s not like I’ll be going around breathing on people for the next week. (And I did a test before we went and I have a followup test on my calendar.) I know we’re not gonna see normal-normal for a while, but some very small, selective, spaced out meetups feel reasonable, and whoa it was good for my mental health.

With all the fun and games and nonsense so far since Friday, my to-do list for the house is an utter *shambles* so I guess I should go take care of that.

You have a great day.

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