Not exactly the Saturday I had planned

We have these decorative/non-load-bearing posts on the porch that run from the roofline to the concrete and the trim at the bottom of one had gotten all effed up and basically fallen away from the post.  I’d been noodling around in my head the best way to replace it – and yesterday the wind was nuts and I happened to look outside at lunch AND THE POST WAS MOVING IN THE WIND.  Seems that the trim itself was more than decorative.  😬

I got it secured with a spare piece of wood from the basement and some bungee cords and spent the evening with graph paper figuring out what lumber cuts I need to create a solid base for that post.  It is going to be over-engineered, because I am my grandfather’s granddaughter, LOL.  But that post won’t move anymore.  

So, today I am off to the hardware store – THEY WILL CUT THE LUMBER FOR ME OH HAPPY DAY – and then keeping pieces of the house from literally falling off.

At least the weather will be decent today to get that trim in place.

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