You made it!

Happy Friday!!

We have had a warmfront come through and we have had 24 hours of glorious humidity! It has been insanely dry this winter and I am miserable for it – the little humidifier has been working overtime and done good to break 30% this season.

The warmfront has also brought a fuckton of wind which resulted in the recycling bin getting blown over, but nothing escaped, so I am taking that as a good omen for the day.

The possibly cursed mini-feature from heck is done with the testing in the current version, YAY. We have two other versions to go, but I think we’ve gotten all the kinks out, so that should go hella smoother.

AND IT’S A LONG WEEKEND!! And honestly, work is probably not going to get my super best today – it is Friday and I am tired. Well, they’ll get my best, it’s just that my best may not be awesome today.

But it’s all good, the sun is shining, I have a very large cold brew, a reasonable to-do list, and a three day weekend a mere 8 hours away.

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