Woo, short-ish day today!

Starting early, but off at 3 to go donate blood – they’re finally having a drive at the local firehouse. The regular main blood donation place is part of the hospital complex halfway across the county – I am not keen on a) setting foot in a healthcare complex these days, and b) driving 45 minutes after dropping a pint of blood. But I can certainly swing the 8 minute trip back from the firehouse. And I get to use my volunteer PTO for it!

And the fact that it’s right across from my diner and I will be picking up dinner afterwards doesn’t hurt. I just hope it goes better than last time – I have great veins and they had no problem getting the needle in, but somehow the way it got placed, it hurt like a mother the whole time and I came very close to giving up before it was done.

Work should be less ridiculous this week, even if the schedule is kinda tight cause we crammed in too much stuff into one monthly release, but a few things will be pared down cause it’s regression testing and it’s mainly just checking the basics.

And on that note, I’m gonna go get shit done so I don’t have to log back afterwards without enough blood to think straight.

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