To every restaurant worker out there…

Super Bowl followed immediately by Valentine’s Day? I AM SO SORRY.

Didn’t even watch the game – had so little interest in either team I didn’t even want to hate watch it. But hoo boy, I had to laugh about the reactions to the halftime show from the right. God forbid you’re not the target audience for anything.

Hopefully this week at work will be a little less fucknuts insane than last week – at least I have a short day tomorrow to go give blood (get to use my volunteer PTO!) and a holiday & half day Friday next week. This weekend was far too short after last week.

But, just gotta power through it. I really like my job, but I am just very tired right now.

Happy Valentine’s Day my peeps – go get yourself some chocolate.

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2 Responses to To every restaurant worker out there…

  1. Ashley says:

    My father was telling me all about the halftime show earlier, and he spoke so glowingly of Snoop that I kinda lost it? He kept saying things like, “You know, I didn’t really understand anything he said, but I appreciated his whole…’vibe,’ is that the word? I like that guy’s whole ‘vibe,’ and he looked good in his outfit! I couldn’t wear that outfit, but he looked good in it! I like his walk, he’s a cool guy!” It’s like living with Bizarro Boomer, I swear. 🙂
    I had some bougie Swiss truffle in a compostable wrapper that my mother’s stroke nurse left during her last visit. I think it fell out of her purse, and I had been hanging onto it to give it back at the next appointment, but…oops.
    Fingers crossed for actual rest and no hellish bugs this week.

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