Who beat the snow to Starbucks?!

THIS GAL! They said it would start snowing overnight, but when I woke up, no snow – it started just as I was getting ready to make the coffee run. It didn’t get under freezing last night and there was some rain, so fingers crossed none of it sticks to the roads and sidewalks and I don’t have to shovel anything later. And I have coffee! And MonoBob to watch!

So – ice dancing… It makes sense to have a theme for the season, but I cannot reconcile the words “street dance” with anything I have seen or heard so far, LOL. I keep finding myself in cranky old lady mode going GET OUT THERE AND FUCKING WALTZ DAMMIT.

And OH HELLS YEAH, I got all my tax forms and plugged everything into Turbo Tax and I don’t owe as much as I thought!!

And since I am such a damn roll, I am gonna go get all my other shit done today.

You have a great Sunday and if you’re watching the game, I hope your team wins.

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2 Responses to Who beat the snow to Starbucks?!

  1. Ashley says:

    Ooh, I wonder if the main broadcast explained this wrong and I missed it! Only the rhythm dance gets a theme each season, and that was the shorter program that happened a couple days ago. Last night was the free dance, where you get to do whatever you want basically — no required theme or tempo. So that’s why you didn’t see anything street! (But you did see parrots.)

    Also, the very best ice dancers like to pick more obscure styles that other teams won’t use to death, so that’s how you get things like Papadakis / Cizeron waacking for their street dance. I had no clue what waacking was until they debuted their rhythm dance…I always end up learning something new from them.

    • A Dreamer says:

      I don’t recall them bringing up the theme again last night, but I was still very mentally stuck on it.

      The only move I recognize (and love!) in ice dancing is Twizzles.

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