When plans go a little too well?

I was gonna get up early today – 6 – just to get a jump on things cause I’ve got something to test that has to be done today and I just want to make sure I’ve got plenty of time. Normally I wouldn’t be starting a bug test the day its due, but things happen. At least it’s the regression test, so it’s already worked fine once, and regression usually goes faster anyway.

But at 5:15 AM, the LilyMonster decided to go rummaging around in the bedroom and woke me up and by 5:30 I realized, fuck, I am totally awake. I have enough cold brew in the fridge for one good sized tumbler, but today is definitely gonna require more, so Starbucks has been acquired, so I am well and duly supplied for caffeine for the day.

So, if things take longer than anticipated, I have plenty of time and if not – in early means out early! But – 0530 was not exactly the plan this morning…

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