Well, good thing I got started at the crack of dawn today

Mini feature has reared it’s head yet again. A very special client needs a special version built with the mini feature included. Which, OK, it’s fine, it only needs to be regression tested and it was going to be built yesterday afternoon and then my friends on the other side of the world were gonna handle it – and they were gonna split it up into small bits so nobody had too much to do and it would all be fine, and it was something I wouldn’t have to think about again for at least a week.

Except the build didn’t get done yesterday. (IDK, something went sideways when they tried it.) And one of the team is on PTO tonight. So I start the day with a “Can you do Richard’s piece?” email – sure, it’s small, it’s doable. The build should be done by noon. It’s now 2:30 and the build is still not done… But at least I have everything setup and ready to mash buttons when it is done.

The deadline for the other thing that *had* to be done today, that got moved to Tuesday – which of course also has other things due that day. So I went from “get one thing done” today to “wait on something that who knows when it’s gonna happen and try to prioritize the rest while I’m waiting cause I’m gonna lose time when that build is done” – which is annoying. I had a plan for the day and it got chucked out the window the moment I logged on.

But – I have not skipped lunch. Me being hungry will lead to hangry which will be bad for everyone.

I keep reminding myself, tomorrow is Friday and a half day, and I have no plans for the afternoon other than nap and watch the Olympics.

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