Well, I’m feeling a bit valued!

The mini-feature from heck is done, YAY! Regression testing is next up for it, but that should be a walk in the park compared to the first go round. Of the 7 bugs we found in a week, I found 5 and got a little shout out in our weekly meeting for it this morning, and a nice note on my great collaboration w/our dev on the last bug. (All I did was ask, “Can you fix this before the deadline” and she could and did, but I’ll take it.)

And that other bug I shoehorned in on Friday and turned around the same day? Got a shout out for that, too.

AND our Christmas gifts from the department arrived! (They did warn us it would take a while.) So now I have another cozy fleece jacket – setting up the little storefront where we could pick what we wanted was a really nice idea.

I’m not the type of person who needs constant validation in my work, but I do need it every now and again, just to know that someone is paying attention – and it’s nice.

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