Why was that weekend so damn short?!

It FLEW by and I am not happy about it. Got a flurry of notifications on Teams last night (the joys of the Philippines being 12 hours ahead) – something about the special build being run on Friday afternoon – I assure you, there was no special build run when I was in the office. I left early-ish, around 4:30 – and there is no way it would have been run after that since it gets run at 6PM, so I have no idea what they’re talking about.

But no matter, today and tomorrow I will continue with this slightly disastrous mini-feature – it really shouldn’t have been put into a regular monthly release – we should have setup a separate system to test it in to get all the kinks out without a deadline, then moved that code to the regular build, done some regression testing and then sent it out. But no one asks me this stuff.

Now we just have to pray to the dev gods & goddesses that we don’t find anything new wrong with it, cause we are damn near out of time for fixes and retesting.

But, it’s a half-day Friday week and payday, so I’ve got that going for me.

Have a great week and don’t let the stupid stuff get to you. I’m certainly trying not to.

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