It’s Friday AND the Olympics!

YAY! Though once again, I suspect we probably shouldn’t be doing the Olympics in the middle of a pandemic, but I am also looking forward to tuning out the entire world the next two weeks.

I’m up at 6 this morning, cause I’ve got what will probably be a hella long day at work, and if it’s not, then I at least start the weekend a little early.

Testing a thing at work, kind of a tight deadline, we’ve split up the testing among several people. Found an issue*, sent it to the dev yesterday morning, got an email back late afternoon that she’d fixed it and the new code was checked in. Briefly thought about working again after dinner and seeing if the fix worked after the 6PM build** – decided against it cause it wouldn’t matter if I found an issue at 7 last night or 7 this morning – so I didn’t. Look at me setting healthy boundaries for myself.

And then of course, I get a text from the other side of the world at 9PM – “Hey, did that fix get into the 6PM build? It’s not showing in the build notes. Is your issue fixed?” Like, IDK if it got checked in before the deadline or not, you got the same email I did from the developer, you can check the timestamps in the tracking system, and if it’s not in the notes, then I think you already have the answer? And you know the issue I had, you could recreate it and see if it’s working or not… But I did end up popping on and punching a few buttons and determining that no, the check-in was after the deadline for the 6PM build.

I’m not mad, they were in a panic and not really thinking straight, it’s fine, but seriously – it just had to happen when I said to myself, “No, this will wait until the morning and it will be fine.”

But it’s all good, it’s Friday, the Olympics are here, and I am NOT working this weekend.

February 4 wasn’t a big picture day it seems.

* Second issue I’ve found in 2 days. Both immediately apparent as soon as I ran a test and anyone testing should have seen them straightaway. Why am I the first to find these?
** The 6PM & 6AM builds are when some magic shit happens that takes the code the devs have checked it and gets it in our test systems. Having it on a schedule like that is great, except when someone misses the check-in deadline and it doesn’t get pulled into the test system until 12 hours later. (Which usually isn’t an issue except this time around, but my friends on the other side of the world were able to get an extra build run.)

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2 Responses to It’s Friday AND the Olympics!

  1. Ashley says:

    Hard to say it wasn’t a big picture day when I’m looking at a fudge-and-peanut-butter tummy shot. 🙂

    I’m not delighted with the circumstances of these Olympics, but I’ve been an Olympics nerd since 1992 and I’m not stopping now. Do you think it’s too late for me to achieve my dream of marrying Dan Jansen? Probably, but I remain an optimist.


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