It’s a balmy 20º and grey as fuck out there this morning, but I bundled up and braved it for coffee, because – social interaction. And coffee.

Our cases continue to significantly drop, which is a relief, though I’m still glad I pushed my January appointments back. Hair in February, dentist in March. The dentist actually called me to reschedule cause they were going to be closed for a continuing education day and my appointment shouldn’t have even been scheduled that day. I told them good, cause I wasn’t keen on coming in anyway with case counts so high. The office manager tried to be reassuring and said “Oh, but we’re all vaccinated and we spread out the appointments” – easy for you to say, you get to keep your PPE on.

I don’t know if anyone else has run into this, but I’ve found a new-to-me shitty thing happening on Amazon – massive price gouging for shipping. Ran into it twice in the last few days. Humidifier cleaner fish – 1 for $5 sold by Amazon, free shipping. 2 for $7, different seller – $50 shipping. Ice melt – 1 for $22, non-Amazon seller, but shipped by Amazon, free shipping. 2 for $30 – different seller – $150 shipping. Seriously shitty nonsense there – I reported both sellers to Amazon, but I doubt it will do any good – so keep an eye out for that bullshit.

My Facebook memories tell me that on this day in 2009, the late great Moxley dog brought me a very large, very frozen squirrel. He was SO PROUD that he finally “caught” a squirrel. That dog brought me so many things. Squirrel (frozen). Possum (living). Fox (very dead for a very long time). Mortally storm injured baby squirrels (they did not make it). I don’t know if he thought they were toys, a true catch, or in the case of the baby squirrels – that I could somehow save them. But each time, I tried my best not to be horrified. I miss him so much, just not that little part of him, LOL.

So, January 30, 2014 – it was very cold, and could only be fixed with carne asada for lunch at the local tex-mex spot. I really miss having the occasional sit down lunch. Pandemics really fucking suck.

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2 Responses to Brrrr!

  1. Ashley says:

    You know my feelings about Dentists During Pandemics, so I will simply say: GOOD FOR YOU, glad you rescheduled! I have a non-dental appointment on Tuesday that I’ve already postponed once and really can’t postpone again, so I am hoping for the best. Case count way down here, too.

    I had an indoor-outdoor cat who absolutely *loved* bringing in living mice, birds, chipmunks, a squirrel once, who knows what else. He was so overjoyed by having real life things to chase around, and could not understand why the humans did not share his enthusiasm! At least we always found them…we think.

    This now makes two straight years of no sporting events at all beyond Little League. I never realized how much I rely on booing Big East refs in-person for my mental health… 🙂

    • A Dreamer says:

      Oh, I was totally thinking of you when I talked to the dentists office – was thinking, “do you want a specific list of why I want to reschedule *later* not earlier? How much time do you have?” I still feel like I totally won that whole thing cause they called me to reschedule like 2 hours before I was going to call them.

      Our first cat Patches only brought in one expired bird (pretty sure she found it that way), caught one chipmunk and dispatched it and brought it in (which TOTALLY upset our dog at the time) and the crowning achievement – a pinecone. Like she GROWLED at us when she brought the pinecone in and we were all DROP IT WHATEVER IT IS and we thought she really had something, ROFL.

      I haven’t seen any live baseball since 2019, and boy it sucks. I think I may have to go find a minor league game as soon as they start playing.

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