I will maintain these healthy boundaries, dammit!

Maaan, folks are trying me today, LOL.

So, the thing we’re working on is kinda big-ish/split amongst 4 folks to test – and that was all I was planning on doing today and Monday and Tuesday. Let’s call it a mini-feature – bigger than a bug, not as big as a full new feature.

Get in this morning from the other side of the world, “Hey can you test this totally different thing on a another version that the dev checked way late…” “Well, that’s gonna cut into mini-feature time, but OK.”

The first thing I do with mini-feature this morning just to see what’s up with it after special builds and whatnot last night – find another issue. (I have found 3 of 4 bugs so far. This kinda feels like a crappy group project right now.) Let dev know. Dev fixes it and checks it in. Not going to be testable until after the 6PM build, aka Monday morning, cause WHO IS NOT WORKING LATE OR THIS WEEKEND?

But hey, that’s OK, time now freed up for that other thing. Get an email to me & local boss – can you do a special build so more mini-feature testing can be done today? Um, what about that other thing you so desperately needed me to do today? Huh? WHAT ABOUT THAT? I CAN ONLY TEST ONE THING AT A TIME.

I don’t even know how to request a special build and local boss answered with “No. The version doesn’t lock down until mid week next week, no need to shut it down for an hour in the middle of the workday.”

And it’s all worked out OK – I have had time to do the other thing, I’m on track to finish it up right around quitting time – and that quitting time will be early (I even posted on Teams – 0700-1600 EST in my status when I got online, ROFL) and I will not be turning that laptop back on until Monday morning.

And if anyone asks, I have an appointment after work. No one needs to know it is with a beer and the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. We are still in the middle of a whole ass pandemic and I need my damn downtime.

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